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If there was a “patriot” who ‘LIVED, to fight the enemy till his last breath wanting nothing for himself, who underwent both mental and physical torture, continued to motivate others, who confronted the enemy and “traitors” simultaneously it was SAVARKAR.

I only can express my terful respects to him.

When I see worthless paper tigers, politicians, and journalists in ridiculing him I get angry.None of these crooks can stand even for ONE DAY the toture Savarkar underwent in Andamans.

Main ridicule I heard was that Savarkar surrendered to the British thro his multiple Apology letters.

I would like to ask these “Crooks” why the cunning British never belived him. Was it not Savarkars “master ploy” to coninue the fight , for which he has to LIVE. I guess he was inspired by Chatrapati Shivaji. Hope these “crooks” will accept him as a “Patriot”. Pl analise similar events.

When I and my friend started reading Veer Savarkar’s literature, revolution became aware in our hearts.

At the same time, the feeling of sorrow in our hearts became aware that the @incindia , it’s Young Leader @rahulgandhi and many despised journalists are insulting Veer Savarkar in front of the public today, which is nothing in front of Savarkar ji.

We were not among the sitters!  Because we could have made some efforts to establish the honor of the great person who showed us the way to live the life ahead.  And we did it!

I started reading and writing about Veer Savarkar and reaching out to some of my friends and other people.  I Motivated many people to read Veer Savarkar.I had found a Buddy in my Work right from the beginning.

In no time, he too became a big fan of Veer Savarkar and started working more actively than me.I am very grateful to him for this.We started writing and posting on Veer Savarkar through social media handles which are still doing today

And now what we has done is a historic step for our work and for us in the true sense.


More About App

The developers of this app have uploaded the PDF versions of all the books that describes the life, work and achievements of the Great Freedom Fighter, Late Vinayak Damodar Savarkar better known as Veer Savarkar in a simple manner for everyone to access. 

The app also consists of the poems written by the Great Freedom Fighter.  

The app will also have information related to Hindutva, Rationalism, and Social Reforms.

There will also be additional documents related to Veer Savarkar that are not well known among the people.

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