Reality of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan


According to Dr.B.P Saksena Shahjahan was religious  fanatic.

According to his book “History of Delhi’s Shahjahan”  :

Sons of rebel Bundela Jujhar singh was converted forcefully to Islam .

And their wives become slaves in home of courtiers.

He ordered destruction of temple in Orcha.And encourage oppressive  religious policies among his Sardars.

He distributed Portuguese Women prisoners among his sardars and kept beautiful women fir him in his janankhana.converted other portugues prisoners .

He ordered women of zamindar of Ujjeniya (near baxar) to be ‘sent’ to muslim Sardar.

In January 1633 he ordered destruction of all temples at Banaras.Banned construction and reapir of Temples.

He banned hindus to burn dead bodies ritually near kabristan.Banned hindu s from purchasing muslim salve.banned hindus to dressed like muslim.

He ordered Capture of all Muslim women who married to hindus.And permitted such marriages only if her Hindu husband converted to Islam.And remarried with islamic rituals.

He converted Hindus systematically.Some forcefully and some with money.Appointed Shah mir lahori and Muhib ali Sindhi. For this work.

But he was unable to do conversion on mass scale because Hindus are in majority in outside delhi area.He promoted officers on religious basis.

Also from other sources :

Tyagi Brahman and some jats also got forcefully converted to Islam.


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